Worthwhile Gifts To Give Your Children On Their Wedding

property.9There comes a time in parents’ lives where they attend the wedding of their own children. This is joyous occasion, accompanies by a tear or two of happiness. This is a joyous occasion and more often than not, there are many people who are at a loss to decide what should be given as a wedding present. Indeed, giving a wedding present to your own child is a big step. This is not something that you can pick overnight. Not unless you are not particularly close to your children. All parents wish to give their children a wedding present that is of use. But deciding what is of use, of course, may prove to be a challenge. Here are some worthwhile wedding gifts that you can give your children, for which they will be grateful for generations to come.

Today, almost all of us are used to purchasing our houses and apartments. Many of us do not go to the extent of purchasing actual land. This is understandable as no one today seem to have the money or the inclination to build from scratch. However, the right land in the right location is can be a valuable investment, even if one is not planning to build on it. The land can, at a later date, be sold off at a very high profit. So if you own some valuable piece of land, why not gift a part of it, or the whole of it to your children who are getting married? You would need to speak to some conveyancing Melbourne suburbs to get the property title transferred to your children. Such a gift has much value and your children will be thinking on you in years to come.

Antiques are another type of item that increases in value as time goes on, making those great wedding presents. The older they are, the more valuable they become. In addition, you would not have to face going through any legal procedures as in the case of conveyancing lawyers when transferring land. All you have to do is to simply dust them down and wrap them up, to be given on your children’s wedding day. For more info about estate planning Melbourne, visit http://www.tbalaw.com.au/
A wedding, today, is an expensive affair. It is not only about dressing up in pretty clothes and posing with a bouquet of flowers. There are many additional expenses and money is always welcome by a couple who is planning a wedding. If you want to give a significant gift to your children on their wedding day, why not make a monetary contribution? They will definitely be grateful to you.

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